vBrownBag – VCAP5-DCA Blueprint Objective 1.2 and 1.3

Earlier this week I presented for the vBrownBag VCAP5-DCA Blueprint Objectives 1.2 and 1.3. The recording of the session can be found here:

Here is the slide rocket deck from the vBrownBag. Even though a lot of the demos for the presentation were done using the vSphere Client the esxcli commands are included for each task in the deck.

A couple weeks ago I presented Objective 1.1 and that presentation and slide deck can be found here.

Lot of folks looking for specific information about the VCAP-DCA exam. Hopefully that means a lot of people are studying for and planning to sit the exam now that it has been publicly released.

Several questions about when you should use the GUI and when you should use the CLI. This is really up to you. Use what you are most familiar with and what accomplishes the tasks in the quickest way possible. Remember that time is really the biggest factor for the VCAP-DCA exam and you are scored on tasks being completed correctly not how (GUI or CLI) you completed the task.

Make sure you know what task need to be done in the CLI. Working through the blueprint will give you a good idea on what can be done in the GUI and what cannot. Setting up SATP claim rules and setting the default PSP can only be done using the CLI (and they must be done on each hosts). Enabling and configuring the SW iSCSI initiator can be done in the GUI or with CLI (my preference is to do this in the GUI). If a task can be completed using either the GUI or the CLI, practice using both methods to get a feel for which one you are more comfortable with – then master the task with that method.

There are several great study guides in listed on the last slide of the deck. Check these out, watch the vBrownBags, work through this great VCAP-DCA Blueprint Study sheet, and you should do fine.

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