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Jun 06

vSphere HA Protection: Protected? or Not?

So I set the restart priority of one of my VMs to disabled. HA reconfigured and the VM still showed protected. Hmmmm, shouldn’t show protected anymore, right?

May 02

Masking LUN Being Used as HA Heartbeat Datastore

Last night I was working through a couple of the storage objectives for the VCAP5-DCA. One of the required skills of Objective 1.1 on the blueprint is to understand and apply LUN masking.

Jan 27

Configuring Advance HA Settings with PowerCLI

In the TCC lab (and in many production environments) the default gateway filters ICMP packets. In order for HA to be successfully configured the isolation address, which is the default gateway by default, must be a pingable address. In the TCC lab you have to configure HA to not use the default isolation address and …

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Dec 09

vSphere 5 High Availability (HA) Configuration and Demonstration Video

Back in 2006 VMware HA was the technology that really sold me on virtualizing production workloads. I thought virtualization was a pretty neat technology that was well suited for testing and development but in a production environment it still seemed like you were putting all your eggs in one basket. A pre-sales VMware Engineer did a demo of HA by shutting down a running host to simulate a failure. Within a minute or so the VMs running on the host rebooted on another host and I have been hooked ever since.

May 17

Awesome HA and DRS Audit Script Based on the HA/DRS Technical Deepdive

If you do not have a copy of VMware vSphere 4.1 HA and DRS Technical Deepdive by @DuncanYB and @FrankDenneman then go here, buy it, and read it cover to cover. The book covers everything VMware High Availability (HA) and the Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) (and then some!). Alan Renouf, co-author of another must have …

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