Storage Calculators

These still need some work but here are a couple calculators for doing storage design calculations…

Functional IOPS for a RAID Set
This calculator can be used to determine the IOPS a RAID set is able to deliver based on the read/write ratio, the RAID level used, the type of disk used, and the number of disks in the RAID set.

Select RAID Level:
Select Disk Type:
Number of Disks:
Percent Read:
Percent Write:
Approximate RAW IOPS:
Approximate Functional IOPS:

Datastore Sizing
Based on the number of VMs per datastore, size of the virtual machine disks, the virtual machine memory allocation (vswp file), and 20% for scratch (logs, snapshots, etc).

Number of VMs Per Datastore:
VM Disk Size (GB):
Allocated RAM per VM (GB):
Datastore Size:

Calculate Storage Throughput

Number of IOPS:
IO size (KB per IO):
Throughput (MBps):
Throughput (Gbps):

Let me know what you think. Constructive thoughts and comments are always appreciated.

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