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Sep 01

VMworld vBrownBag Tech Talk: Managing ESXi SSH Service with PowerCLI

The talk was on using PowerCLI to manage SSH. Specifically about using PowerCLI to report on the status of the SSH Service on ESXi host (is it running, what is the policy set for), updating the policy (Start and Stop with Host, Manual, Automatic), stopping and starting the SSH on ESXi hosts, and configuring the firewall for the SSH service to limit access to the service.

Aug 24

vBrownBag Tech Talks at VMworld 2015

The vBrownBag Tech Talks schedule for VMworld 2015 was released a couple weeks ago. I hope you can make my two talks Using PowerCLI to manage SSH on ESXi on Monday at 5:00 PM and Managing vCenter Roles and Permissions with PowerCLI on Tuesday at 5:00 PM.

May 21

VCP6 Foundation Section 3 – vSphere Storage – vBrownBag Slide Deck

First ProfessionalVMware.com vBrownBag I have presented in a long time (over 2 years – I did not think it had been that long). I think it went pretty well.

Aug 26

VMworld 2014 – So far

Well I have been in San Francisco since Saturday and I am already exhausted. Lot of great tech and even more great people. VMworld 2014 “officially” kicked off today but there was a lot of things going on before the conference. This is my first VMworld and I was not exactly sure what to expect, but so far the conference has been a great experience. Just a short post about what I have been up to so far.

Aug 20

vCoffee Links #9 – VMworld 2014 Countdown – 8/20/2014

vCoffee Links is a regular feature on vHersey.com. vCoffee Links features news and links of interest from the past week or so. If you have something interesting to add please submit it in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @herseyc.

Jan 26

vBrownBag VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) Demo

I presented a VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) demo for the US vBrownBag and here is the recording.

Jun 22

VCAP5-DCA Objective 1.1 vBrownBag

This past Wednesday I presented a ProfessionalVMware.com vBrownBag on Objective 1.1 of the VCAP5-DCA Blueprint. Objective 1.1 covers implementing and managing complex storage solutions.

May 24

vBrownBag VCAP5-DCA Objective 9

I presented on the VCAP5-DCA Objective 9 – Perform Advanced vSphere Installation and Configurations for the ProfessionalVMware.com vBrownBag on Wednesday, May 23, 2012. The objective covers VMware Image Builder and VMware Auto Deploy.

Mar 15

Datastore Clustering vBrownBag

Wednesday night, March 14th, I did a presentation on Datastore Clustering and Storage DRS for the ProfessionalVMware.com vBrownBag Storage Month series. Sorry about the voice quality, just pushing my system too hard with the workstation lab and the voice for the Webex. It was not the network causing the issue, but my CPU. When I …

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