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Jan 06

GaragePi – A Cigar Box Raspberry Pi Project

My GaragePi is a simple Raspberry Pi project I put together for out in the garage. Originally I was just going to hook it up to the TV to use it for Web Browsing and media streaming but I decided to take things a step further to add a humidity and temperature sensor and figure out a cool way to store it.

Apr 18

Raspberry Pi Project: Telescope Control and Imaging

A while back I did a post on using a Raspberry Pi to control my Celestron CG-5 mount with Stellarium. You can find that post here: The Raspberry Pi mounted to my 80mm Stellarvue Scope with a solar filter for imaging the sun. . Since then I have been working on a self contained, …

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Jan 16

Cool New Toy – Zalman VE-300

The Zalman VE-300 can be mounted as a USB Harddrive and any ISO stored in the _iso directory on the drive can be directly mounted as an optical device.

May 17

Picked Up a Bluetooth Keyboard for my iPad

Just a quick review of the keyboard I picked up for my iPad. I was not looking for any thing special, it just had to work, I wanted it to be (or nearly be) full size, and I did not need (or necessarily want) it to be part of a case. I was not looking …

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