Nov 26

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!!

I have so much to be thankful for…

A great family – My wife, kids, mom, sister, and brother are all awesome! Always thankful for their love and support.

A great job working for a fantastic company.

The men and women serving in the armed forces. I appreciate the sacrifices they make and think about them often. Hope they stay safe and get home soon.

The #vCoffee Crew! I know it is a little silly, but I appreciate the tweets every Saturday and Sunday AM over coffee. And it is especially great when we get to meet up in person.

Coffee, I am thankful for coffee :)

Have a great day everyone!

Nov 18

PowerCLI: Copy a vmdk from one VM to another

I created this script to help assist a customer automate an operation they perform regularly. Basically they restore a VM and then either attach directly to a vmdk in the restored VM or copy a vmdk into a folder of a target VM. This task is performed regularly and to reduce time and the risk of errors in attaching or moving the wrong vmdk they wanted a way to automate the process to be able to repeat the process quickly and accurately.

The script below will copy a virtual machine disk ($recoveryHD) from one VM ($Source) and then attach it to another VM ($Target).

There is a second snippet of Windows powershell code which sets the volume to read/write and mounts it in the target VM.
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Nov 02

New Addition to the Home Lab and Office

The title may be a little misleading. Sorry no new gear in the home lab. The home lab is running pretty good right now, don’t really have any needs in the lab at this time (there are always wants, but no needs right now).

I have had an aquarium since before I can remember. Back when I was a younger I had 10 and 20 gallon freshwater tanks. For the last 25 years or so I have maintained a 55 gallon freshwater tank. Here is a picture of my 55 gallon tank in our living room.


My job at SimpliVity has me based out of my house and I spend a day or so a week at home in my office working on SimpliVity designs and such. So I decided I wanted an aquarium in my office space. I thought about moving the 55 gallon upstairs into the office, but we (my wife and I) really like it downstairs in the living room.
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Sep 24

My SimpliVity ROBO Video (along with the winning one)

A couple weeks ago SimpliVity held an internal video contest with the sales teams. The contest was held in conjunction with the launch of SimpliVity OmniStack 3.0 and the release of SimpliVity’s newest product the CN-1200.

For the contest each member of the sales team was to create a 1 to 2 minute video showcasing why SimpliVity is the right choice for Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) Deployments. Below is the video I created for the contest. I did not win :( but had fun and wanted to share.

That’s right! There is a better solution. A hyperconverged solution.

SimpliVity Simplifies IT providing a Hyperconverged solution for Remote Office/Branch Office environments. Inline deduplication, compression, and optimization with native data protection all from a single, familiar, UI.

Deploy SimpliVity. Simplify IT. Guaranteed! :)

There were a bunch of great videos submitted and one of the winners was my buddy Hank Pike (@HankPike), a SimpliVity Solutions Architect down in Florida.

Sep 09

VVOLs in the HomeLab with the vVNX

Got VVOLs up and running in the home lab using the VVols Technical Preview for vVNX

If you are studying for the VCP6-DCV and are looking to gets some hands on with VVOLs the vVNX is pretty easy to set up. Grab the VVols Technical Preview for vVNX here Once deployed make sure you request a license here: (Requires an EMC Account).


The two videos found here walk you through getting it all going.

Have fun!

Sep 01

VMworld vBrownBag Tech Talk: Managing ESXi SSH Service with PowerCLI

Yesterday I did my first vBrownBag Tech Talk at VMworld. I was a bit nervous for sure and ended up being a little bit short on content (I talk a bit fast when I get nervous). Anyway I think it still went OK and I enjoyed giving it a shot.

The talk was on using PowerCLI to manage SSH. Specifically about using PowerCLI to report on the status of the SSH Service on ESXi host (is it running, what is the policy set for), updating the policy (Start and Stop with Host, Manual, Automatic), stopping and starting the SSH on ESXi hosts, and configuring the firewall for the SSH service to limit access to the service.

The slide deck from the talk can be found here: vBrownBag-TechTalk-ManagingSSH

Here is a short recording from the talk:

I also talked a bit about a script I put together as an example to toggle (start or stop) the SSH service on all hosts in vCenter inventory.

This afternoon at 5:00 PM PDT I am giving another vBrownBag Tech Talk on Managing vCenter Roles and Permissions using PowerCLI. Stop by the hang space or watch the live stream here:
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Aug 24

vBrownBag Tech Talks at VMworld 2015

VMworld 2015 is just a few days away! The vBrownBag Tech Talks schedule for VMworld 2015 was released a couple weeks ago and can be found here As in the previous year the Tech Talks are being held in the Hang Space and there is a lot of great stuff on the schedule.

I will be giving 2 vBrownBag Tech talks this year.

Using PowerCLI to manage SSH on ESXi on Monday at 5:00 PM


Managing vCenter Roles and Permissions with PowerCLI on Tuesday at 5:00 PM

If you are not able to make VMworld the Tech Talks will be streamed live here:

Hope to see you there!

Aug 10

Change IP Address on Windows 2012 VMs with PowerCLI

Just a quick script I put together to change the IP Address of Windows 2012 (including R2) virtual machines using PowerCLI. The script determines the current IP address of the VM and replaces part of the address with a defined value. For example if the original VM had an IP address of, it could change it to – keeping the last octet of the IP address. Could be useful if restoring a bunch of VMs to a DR site or into a testing or development sandbox.

I am using the Invoke-VMScript to execute PowerShell and batch commands within the VM Guest. This requires VMware Tools to be installed on the Guest. I would have used Set-VMGuestNetworkInterface but Windows 2012 is not currently supported. :(
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Jul 06

Raspberry Pi Telescope Control

I have a Raspberry Pi which I received as a vExpert gift from SimpliVity a couple years ago. Over the 4th of July weekend I started tinkering with it to use it to interface with Stellarium in order to remotely control my telescope.


I had a spare 8 GB SD card and I installed the Raspbian image on the card, booted, and configured the Raspberry Pi.

I also had an old USB to Serial adapter (which actually does not work with Windows 7/8, but the Raspberry Pi recognized it without issue) which is connected to one of the USB ports on the Raspberry Pi.

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Jul 01

vCenter 5.5 Tasks to Excel

Disclaimer: This is likely unsupported. I am doing this on my lab environment and have not experienced any issues, but again it is a lab environment. With that said use do the things in this post at your own risk.

I received an inquiry about ways to get information about vCenter tasks other than just through the vSphere Client. Specifically to make it easier to filter through the tasks to determine who did what, or even how many times a specific task (such as cloning a VM) was done.

Here are the tasks displayed in the vSphere Client.
By default the number of tasks returned is 100 (I think). From the vSphere Web Client the Tasks list also only shows 100 tasks per page by default. There is a search/filter box in both clients but they are pretty basic. You cannot do complex searches, for example, cloning done by a certain user.

VPX_TASK table in the vCenter Database contains all the tasks which have not be purged based on the Database Retention policy (The Database Retention Policy is configured in Administration -> vCenter Server Settings -> Database Retention Policy).
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