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May 21

VCP6-DCV Delta Study – Section 4 – Objective 4.2

This post covers Section 4, Upgrade a vSphere Deployment, Objective 4.2, Perform vCenter Server Upgrades

The vSphere Knowledge covered in this objective:

  • Identify steps required to upgrade a vSphere implementation
  • Identify upgrade requirements for vCenter
  • Upgrade vCenter Server Appliance (VCA)
  • Identify the methods of upgrading vCenter
  • Identify/troubleshoot vCenter upgrade errors

Objective 4.2 VMware Resources:

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May 21

VCP6 Foundation Section 3 – vSphere Storage – vBrownBag Slide Deck

First ProfessionalVMware.com vBrownBag I have presented in a long time (over 2 years – I did not think it had been that long). I think it went pretty well. At least all the lab demos worked. Thanks out to Jonathan, @jfrappier, for hosting and thanks to everyone who listened.

Good luck to everyone preparing for their VCP6 Foundation or VCP6 DCV Exams!

As promised here is the slide deck from tonight.

vBrownBag May 20, 2015 – vSphere 6 Foundation – Section 3 – Storage – Slide Deck

If you are just looking for the links from the presentation, here they are:

VCP6 Community Resources and Study Guides:

VCP6 Foundation Exam Blueprint Resources:

Other Great Resources:

Again it has been awhile, but I had fun. Hope everyone enjoyed it. See you next time.

May 13

Deploying the EMC vVNX in the Home Lab

Last week @sakacc posted an EMC World Update about Project Liberty. This project is a software only virtual VNX appliance known as the vVNX. The appliance can be downloaded from the vVNX Download page. All the Release Notes, FAQs, and documentation can be found there also (an EMC Accont is required). The vVNX supports both block and file and is available for non-production use without any time limits. The vVNX does not support VVOLs yet, but @sakacc noted that VVOLs support should be available in Q3.

Download and import the OVA. I tried to import the OVA using the Web Client but could not get it to work. I was able to successfully deploy it using the vSphere Client (Probably an issue with my lab – not the OVA). During the OVA import you will be prompted for the management IP address, subnet, and default gateway.

The vVNX appliance is configured with 2 vCPUs, 12 GB Memory, and consumes approximately 20 GB of disk space if Thin Provisioning is used. Do not change the memory allocation, at least not before the vVNX has initialized after deployment. I tried to adjust the memory down a bit but this caused the vVNX to not initialize on first boot. I have not tried to adjust this after the deployment. The OVA deployment is pretty quick but the initialization after first power on takes a good bit of time (about 45 minutes).
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May 12

Great vSphere 6 ESXTOP Troubleshooting Poster

Great troubleshooting reference for ESXTOP on vSphere 6 hosts. Key troubleshooting metrics have been highlighted making it very easy to focus in on potential issues. Very nice work and definitely a useful resource from @lessi001.


Get the vSphere 6 ESXTOP quick overview for Troubleshooting poster here.

May 11

VCP6-DCV Delta Study – Section 4 – Objective 4.1

This post covers Section 4, Upgrade a vSphere Deployment, Objective 4.1, Perform ESXi Host and Virtual Machine Upgrades.

  • Identify upgrade requirements for ESXi hosts
  • Upgrade a vSphere Distributed Switch
  • Upgrade VMware Tools
  • Upgrade Virtual Machine hardware
  • Upgrade an ESXi Host using vCenter Update Manager
  • Stage multiple ESXi Host upgrades
  • Determine whether an in-place upgrade is appropriate in a given upgrade scenario

Objective 4.1 VMware Resources:

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May 07

vCoffee Links #14 – Catching Up

It has been a good while since my last vCoffee links post. There has been a lot going on and I have been pretty busy. Took the VCP6 Delta Beta Exam a week or so ago and I have been working on a VCP6 Study Guide. Still working through the sections, more VCP6 Objectives will be posted this weekend. There are a couple of VCP6 Beta Exam experiences in the links so be sure to check them out.

Other than that, just a lot going on. I want to take a few minutes to thank the folks that have sponsored vHersey.com. Be sure to check them out. The sponsors are available at the top of every page and post. If you are interested in sponsoring vHersey.com there are spaces available, just sign up here.

I will be presenting a vBrownBag on VCP6 Section 3 (Storage) on May 20th. Been a while since I have presented a vBrownBag. Looking forward to it.

Enough from me, now on to the links.

vCoffee Links is a regular feature on vHersey.com. vCoffee Links features news and links of interest from the past week or so. If you have something interesting to add please submit it in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @herseyc.
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Apr 24

VCP6-DCV Delta Study – Section 3 – Objective 3.5

This post covers Section 3, Configure and Administer Advanced vSphere Storage, Objective 3.5, Setup and Configure Storage I/O Control.

The vSphere Knowledge covered in this objective:

  • Enable/Disable Storage I/O Control
  • Configure/Manage Storage I/O Control
  • Monitor Storage I/O Control

Objective 3.5 VMware Resources:

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Apr 20

VCP6-DCV Delta Study – Section 3 – Objective 3.4

This post covers Section 3, Configure and Administer Advanced vSphere Storage, Objective 3.4, Perform Advanced VMFS and NFS Configurations and Upgrades.

The vSphere Knowledge covered in this objective:

  • Identify VMFS and NFS Datastore properties
  • Identify VMFS5 capabilities
  • Create/Rename/Delete/Unmount a VMFS Datastore
  • Mount/Unmount an NFS Datastore
  • Extend/Expand VMFS Datastores
  • Place a VMFS Datastore in Maintenance Mode
  • Identify available Raw Device Mapping (RDM) solutions
  • Select the Preferred Path for a VMFS Datastore
  • Enable/Disable vStorage API for Array Integration (VAAI)
  • Disable a path to a VMFS Datastore
  • Determine use case for multiple VMFS/NFS Datastores

Objective 3.4 VMware Resources:

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Apr 17

Potomac Regional VMUG User Conference

Yesterday I attended the Potomac Regional VMUG UserCon in northern VA. The Potomac Regional VMUG Conference is a joint VMware User Conference put on by the DC VMUG (@DCVMUG) and the MD VMUG (@MDVMUG). This is the first VMUG User Conference I have been able to attend in a couple years. I wanted to give a quick shout out to all of the folks that put it together. The conference was really well done. Well attended and some really fantastic content.

Great opening session by @virtualjad on VMware’s vision of the Software Defined Data Center. Fantastic presentation on how VMware technologies will continue enable customers to provide instant, fluid, and secure application services. The rest of the day was filled with sessions on NSX, vSphere 6, hyper-converged infrastructure, and more. Some really awesome information and content.

Was also great to catch up with so many great people. Great to see @bknudtson, @timantz, @mletschin, @AlexanderJN, @virtualstace, @BerkowitzDan, and @huberw (and there were many more). Really glad @tscalzott was able to stop in for a cup of coffee and a chat. Was really great meeting @_stump, hope we can catch up again soon. The sessions and vendors are great but it is also really great to meet and chat with people you follow/interact with on twitter. (Follow everyone in this paragraph, really great people that contribute a lot to the community)

The conference wrapped up with a VCDX Panel which include myself, @timantz, @huberw, and @ronflax with @mletschin as the moderator.


There was a lot of great discussion about how and why each of us sitting on the panel went about pursuing VCDX. To sum up the VCDX panel… the path to VCDX Certification is not easy but for those who work towards and obtain VCDX – it is worth it! Hopefully we provided some inspiration to anyone in the audience that is currently on the path to any VMware certification.

Was a long day, but a really good day. Great seeing everyone and thanks to @DCVMUG and @MDVMUG for putting on such a great event!

Thanks to @varobc and @dadowistef from ABS Technology for taking the trip up with me. Hope you guys enjoyed the time as much as I did.

Apr 10

VCP6-DCV Delta Study – Section 3 – Objective 3.3

This post covers Section 3, Configure and Administer Advanced vSphere Storage, Objective 3.3, Configure vSphere Storage Multi-pathing and Failover.

The vSphere Knowledge covered in this objective:

  • Configure/Manage Storage Load Balancing
  • Identify available Storage Load Balancing options
  • Identify available Storage Multi-pathing Policies
  • Identify features of Pluggable Storage Architecture (PSA)
  • Configure Storage Policies
  • Enable/Disable Virtual SAN Fault Domains

Objective 3.3 VMware Resources:

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