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Apr 20

AutoLab Video Series Part 1 – Initial Setup

In this first video I provide an overview of the PC I am using to run my VMware Workstation AutoLab environment, how to obtain AutoLab from, explain how to configure VMware Workstation for AutoLab, and how to power on and access the build share on the AutoLab NAS VM.

Mar 25

Saving Searches with the vSphere Web Client

The ability to search vCenter inventory from the vSphere Client has been available for at least as long as I have been using it but each time you wanted to search for something you had to recreate the query. The Web Client provides the same search functionality adding the ability to also save commonly used searches. This allows for regularly used queries to be recalled quickly using the Web Client.

Mar 17

AutoLab with vSphere 5.5 Support!


In case you missed it AutoLab 1.5 has been released and includes support for vSphere 5.5. The ability to lab up VSAN is also supported in this version. AutoLab automates the deployment of a nested VMware lab either in VMware Workstation (or Fusion) or on ESXi.

Mar 16

JumpSquares – Fantastic Home Lab Bookmark Tool

If you have trouble keeping up with all the different access UIs and servers in your lab (vCenter, vCOPs, vCO, NAS Admin UI, etc, etc, etc) JumpSquares may be the simple (and FREE) solution you are looking for. You can Bookmark the URLs for Administration interfaces along with the ability to launch SSH, RDP, or VNC from the JumpSquares Dashboard.

Mar 09

Changes to the VCP – Recertification

If you have not already heard VMware has made some changes to the VCP certification effective March 10, 2014 (but already showing up in Mylearn). The new policy is that the VCP certification will now expire after 2 years unless you either re-certify or certify on a newer version.

Feb 27

Quick HRVMUG Meeting Report

Last night members of the Hampton Roads VMware Community met at Jillian’s in Chesapeake to take the first steps towards reviving the Hampton Roads VMUG. Over 20 people attended the meeting.

Feb 24


On Monday, February 10, 2014 at 2:00 PM I defended the design I submitted before a panel of VCDXs. The preparation and the defense process was a time consuming, somewhat stressful, very educational, and ultimately enjoyable experience. I learned a tremendous amount about my abilities and about the design process.

Feb 22

VM User Group Meeting in Chesapeake on 2/26

There once was a Hampton Roads VMUG that met occasionally but it has been inactive for some time. A couple of folks that have participated in the vITA program at TCC and myself are working to organize a VMUG here in the Tidewater/Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Feb 21

Quick VMware PEX 2014 Report

I had the opportunity to attend VMware PEX again this year. This is the second time I have attended and I really enjoy this conference.

Jan 16

Virtual Machine Snapshots – BE CAREFUL!!!

Snapshots are a great tool but it is important that you monitor the snapshots to ensure they do not grow too large. This post covers some different options that are available for monitoring snapshot usage.

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