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Oct 01

Weather with Python, TkInter, Raspberry Pi…

Just messing around this weekend with some Python and TkInter. I put together a little weather app.

Apr 18

Raspberry Pi Project: Telescope Control and Imaging

A while back I did a post on using a Raspberry Pi to control my Celestron CG-5 mount with Stellarium. You can find that post here: http://www.vhersey.com/2015/07/raspberry-pi-telescope-control/ The Raspberry Pi mounted to my 80mm Stellarvue Scope with a solar filter for imaging the sun. . Since then I have been working on a self contained, …

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Mar 14

My Raspberry Pi Setup

Since today is Pi day (3/14) here is a quick write up of how I set up my small, self contained, Raspberry Pi cluster.

Jul 06

Raspberry Pi Telescope Control

I have a Raspberry Pi which I received as a vExpert gift from SimpliVity a couple years ago. Over the 4th of July weekend I started tinkering with it to use it to interface with Stellarium in order to remotely control my telescope.