vSphere PowerCLI

Implementation Scripts
A series of scripts I have created to help with new vSphere implementations.

Horizon View
Scripts to assist with Horizon View Administration.

Probably the best PowerCLI Reference there is…


  1. Garry

    What is the ‘root’ default password?

    1. vHersey


      The AutoLab ESXi root password is VMware1!

      In fact this is the password for most things in the AutoLab environment with the exception of the administrator@vsphere.local. The AutoLab administrator@vsphere.local password is VMware1.lab

      Hope that helps.

      Thanks again for stopping by.


  2. Marius

    Great,great…i mean really great work!

    Congratz on the series, they are out of this world and the autolab work,outstanding.

    Do you know when the next video will come out?

    And btw,i cant find the Vcloud install option from the PXE boot .

    Thanks a lot.

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