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Apr 22

vCoffee Links Issue #2 – Tuesday 4/22/2014

vCoffee Links is a weekly feature on vHersey.com. vCoffee Links features news and links of interest from the past week or so. If you have something interesting to add please submit it in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @herseyc.

Apr 20

AutoLab Video Series Part 1 – Initial Setup

In this first video I provide an overview of the PC I am using to run my VMware Workstation AutoLab environment, how to obtain AutoLab from labguides.com, explain how to configure VMware Workstation for AutoLab, and how to power on and access the build share on the AutoLab NAS VM.

Mar 17

AutoLab with vSphere 5.5 Support!


In case you missed it AutoLab 1.5 has been released and includes support for vSphere 5.5. The ability to lab up VSAN is also supported in this version. AutoLab automates the deployment of a nested VMware lab either in VMware Workstation (or Fusion) or on ESXi.

Mar 09

Changes to the VCP – Recertification

If you have not already heard VMware has made some changes to the VCP certification effective March 10, 2014 (but already showing up in Mylearn). The new policy is that the VCP certification will now expire after 2 years unless you either re-certify or certify on a newer version.

Feb 24


On Monday, February 10, 2014 at 2:00 PM I defended the design I submitted before a panel of VCDXs. The preparation and the defense process was a time consuming, somewhat stressful, very educational, and ultimately enjoyable experience. I learned a tremendous amount about my abilities and about the design process.

Feb 21

Quick VMware PEX 2014 Report

I had the opportunity to attend VMware PEX again this year. This is the second time I have attended and I really enjoy this conference.

Nov 14

New Fling to Install VMware Tools on Nested ESXi

Last week (or it may have been the week before) a new VMware Fling was released to allow VMware Tools to be installed in a nested ESXi server.

Jun 21

Using ESXi Lockdown Mode

Using ESXi Lockdown Mode to reduce the security risks associated with simple root passwords on the hosts.

Jan 26

vBrownBag VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) Demo

I presented a VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) demo for the US vBrownBag and here is the recording.

Dec 31

Home Lab SRM – Part 2 – Configuring SRM

In Home Lab SRM Part 1 I set up the lab environment to appear as two separate “sites” with all the components necessary for SRM with Array replication. Now to configure SRM to protect VMs at both of my sites.

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