VSAN Automated Space Reclamation – Enabling UNMAP/TRIM on VSAN Cluster

Attending some VSAN training this week. Just a quick training tip, if they give you a bunch of pre-req courses prior to a class – don’t worry about completing them – it will all be reviewed – same talk track, same slides, etc. Other than the whole rehashing the pre-req stuff there is some good info. Here is one thing I picked up that I think I may have seen before, but forgot about, and I don’t think it was mentioned in the pre-req material.

Automated UNMAP/TRIM is a feature available in VSAN 6.7U1 but it needs to be enabled – it is disabled by default.

All the background and how to enable the automated unmap/trim on VSAN is available on Storage Hub.

Virtualblocks blog

A Storage Minute Video:

If enabled on an existing VSAN 6.7 U1 cluster with running VMs, the VMs will need to power cycled before the feature will be available.

Not sure how I missed this in the pre-req work (pretty sure it was not there) but if it was I guess that is why they revisit all the pre-req stuff 🙂

One thought on “VSAN Automated Space Reclamation – Enabling UNMAP/TRIM on VSAN Cluster

  • Is this enabled in 6.7 U3 or is it still disabled by default? We have a very large vSAN and wish to be sure that all space is reclaimed as it is free’d up


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