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Jul 17

Jumbo Frames – Make sure it is setup end-to-end.

Jumbo Frames must be configured correctly end-to-end. This means on the vSwitch, vmkernel interfaces, physical switches, and endpoints. The vmkping command can be used to test a vmkernel interface for proper configuration of Jumbo Frames.

Apr 12

Foundation in the Art of Infrastructure Design On the Way!

I have been looking forward to this book being released ever since I got a peak at the draft at VMworld last year. Just ordered a copy and I should have it by Friday!!! Based on what I saw back in August, this book will likely become the go to resource for folks preparing for the VMware advanced design exams or working to successfully prepare and defend a VCDX design.

May 12

Great vSphere 6 ESXTOP Troubleshooting Poster

Great troubleshooting reference for ESXTOP on vSphere 6 hosts.

Jan 10

vSphere Software iSCSI Basics

In this post I am going to take a look at two common network configurations used when deploying iSCSI connectivity in a vSphere environment along with how to correctly configure vSphere networking and the software iSCSI adapter when using iSCSI storage.

Jun 15

AutoLab Video Series Part 5 – Deploying the vMA

This fifth video in my AutoLab Video Series covers downloading, deploying, configuring, and using the vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) virtual appliance in the AutoLab vSphere environment.

May 19

AutoLab Video Series Part 4 – vCenter Build

In this video the vCenter Server AutoLab VM is built using the AutoLab automation and the ESXi hosts are added to vCenter inventory. Networking and storage is also configured on the ESXi hosts using AutoLab automation.

May 11

AutoLab Video Series Part 3 – Building the DC and Hosts

This video covers building the Domain Controller (DC) and ESXi hosts using the AutoLab automation. The Domain Controller provides the Active Directory infrastructure, the PXE boot infrastructure, the DNS services, and the database services for the AutoLab environment. The hosts will become the ESXi servers for the AutoLab environment.

Apr 27

AutoLab Video Series Part 2 – Populating the NAS Build Share

The video covers populating the NAS Build share with the software needed by the AutoLab environment. The video also covers setting up the automation.ini file to automatically install the vCenter server and add the hosts to vCenter inventory.

Apr 20

AutoLab Video Series Part 1 – Initial Setup

In this first video I provide an overview of the PC I am using to run my VMware Workstation AutoLab environment, how to obtain AutoLab from, explain how to configure VMware Workstation for AutoLab, and how to power on and access the build share on the AutoLab NAS VM.

Dec 01

The Home Lab “Black Friday” Upgrade

I have been running my home lab in Workstation for a good while now and it has served me well especially throughout my VCAP-DCA study. I am starting to do a bit more testing and proof-of-concept stuff with vSphere 5 and VDI so I need a little more.

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