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Oct 01

Autolab Home Lab Build

AutoLab is a set VM shells and pre-configure open source VMs that provides a complete VMware lab environment.

Jul 27

vBrownBag – VCAP5-DCA Blueprint Objective 1.2 and 1.3

Earlier this week I presented for the vBrownBag VCAP5-DCA Blueprint Objectives 1.2 and 1.3.

May 02

Masking LUN Being Used as HA Heartbeat Datastore

Last night I was working through a couple of the storage objectives for the VCAP5-DCA. One of the required skills of Objective 1.1 on the blueprint is to understand and apply LUN masking.

Apr 27

vSphere 5 Network Coredump Collector

Since Auto Deploy allows for the creation fo diskless/stateless hosts there is a need to have a network service to store core dumps so that diagnostic information can be collected for support in the event your host crashes (PSOD).

Apr 25

vSphere Auto Deploy – Host Profiles and Answer Files

The new Auto Deployed ESXi host is up and running but now configurations need to be applied to add the necessary network settings, storage configurations, and other settings so the host can become a functioning part of the virtual infrastructure.

Apr 24

vSphere Auto Deploy – Image Profile and Booting ESXi

The VCAP5-DCA Blueprint has objectives on working with ESXi Image Profiles and configuring VMware Auto Deploy which are both new features that were released with vSphere 5.

Oct 25

vSphere 5 host stops sending syslog messages

I had some maintenance to do on my central syslog server and the server was down for about 30 minutes or so. When the syslog server was back online it was no longer logging syslog messages from my vSphere hosts. First thing I did was check to see if I was receiving syslog messages from …

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Sep 28

Creating a Scheduled Tasks to Change VM Resource Settings

Let’s say there is a VM, or a Resource Pool with several VMs, that most of the time just sits idle. Every Sunday an application runs on this VM (or on VMs in the Resource Pool) to do some data analysis and generates reports, the process usually takes 2-4 hours. During this this time you …

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Jul 18

Saving a custom resxtop configuration

The resxtop utility can be run from the vSphere Management Assistant (vMA). The resxtop utility is used to monitor CPU, memory, network, and disk utilization of vSphere ESX/i hosts. There are a many different fields that can be displayed for each resource. When monitoring or troubleshooting a resource it is often helpful to only display …

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