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VCP5 – Study Notes and Resources

On December 5, 2011 I passed the VCP 5 Exam!!! Was a difficult exam and I did a write up on my thoughts/experience here.

So from what I have heard not as much (if any) focus on configuration maximums in the VCP 5 exam – HAPPY DANCE!!! I hate memorizing configuration maximums – if I need them when designing or deploying I’ll look them up.

VMware VCP Resources
VMware Certified Professional (VCP) 5 Exam Blueprint
VMware Communities – VCP Community
VMware VCP 5 Mock Exam – WARNING DO NOT GET A 100% ON THE MOCK EXAM – if you do you will not be able to retake it. I know this to be a fact based on my experience 🙁
VMware vSphere 5 Documentation Center – VMware docs online and searchable – great resource for study and day to day administration.

Online Study Resources
vInfrastructure Blog VCP5 Study Guide Site also offers the study guide in PDF – NICE!
vSphere 5 – What’s New and Relevant for VCP 5 – Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
The Professional VMware Brownbags – Not VCP 5 specific but a ton of great info from a lot of smart folks.

Practice Exams
Simon Long VCP 5 Practice Exams

My Study Notes
Here is a collection of notes that I wrote while reading through VMware docs and other resources. I typed them up and posted them to my Tumblr blog while studying for the VCP5.

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