Datastore Clustering vBrownBag

Wednesday night, March 14th, I did a presentation on Datastore Clustering and Storage DRS for the vBrownBag Storage Month series.

Sorry about the voice quality, just pushing my system too hard with the workstation lab and the voice for the Webex. It was not the network causing the issue, but my CPU. When I would start a storage vMotion my CPU would spike to 100% and voice would go to crap. Next time I will present from a different box than what my lab is running on.

Here is the recording of the vBrownBag session:

ProfessionalVMware BrownBag – Datastore Clusters w/ Hersey Cartwright from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo.

Here is the slide deck I put together for the presentation.

Think I did a little better presenting this one than I did on the VCAP-DCA BrownBag I did back in August, not quite as many ums and I think things stayed pretty well on track despite the issues with voice quality. Presenting for one of these is much harder than lecturing in a class, you can’t see your audience so it is hard to tell if you are keeping their interest. As a presenter I can tell you that I really appreciate folks that ask questions and help keep things going. Hopefully we all learn something through the process.

Couple of follow up questions from the vBrownBag:

When setting the “Check imbalances every X (Minutes|Hours|Days)” when does that interval start? I sent a tweet to @DuncanYB and received a quick response – “when you hit okay”. The interval starts when you hit OK. So if you configure the interval for 8 hours and you hit OK at 2 PM Storage DRS will check for imbalance at 10PM, then at 6AM, then again at 2PM, and so on.

What happens if there is a host crash or an HA event while a VM running on the crash host is being storage vMotioned? I assumed that vCenter was controlling the storage vMotion and that the host didn’t have anything to do with it. I have rebooted (not powered off) a VM’s OS while a storage vMotion was being performed and the SvMotion continues. Looks like the storage vMotion will not complete and files from the unfinished storage vMotion will be cleaned up with the failed host comes back on line.

I really enjoy the vBrownBags and they provided me with a lot help when I was studying for my VCAP4-DCA and VCP5. Thanks to Cody and the other folks that help put them together. Hope you enjoyed my vBrownBag presentation and you were able to learn a little something from it. Looking forward to next weeks on IO Analyzer with Gabe Chapman – 3/12/2012.

I appreciate any constructive comments, clarifications, corrections, or questions.

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