Busy… shool, work, family, more school, more work…

Very busy… school, work, family, home, more work, more school (exam week), never enough free time (have not played Diablo III in weeks). Not really complaining (well maybe just a little), this is pretty normal and I think most folks in IT thrive when there doesn’t seem to be enough time. Being busy is a good thing but sometimes the ratio of work to family to play gets a little out of whack (like I said no Diablo III in weeks and I haven’t been on a motorcycle with my girl in at least that long).

Funny that this is the fortune I received at lunch today.

Seems to fit right with the post which I started early this AM. Things will get better.

This is my last semester of school at TCC for the degree program. At the end of this semester (as long as all goes well) I will have my Associates of Applied Science in Information Technology. I took the first class on this path back in 1996 – has been a long time coming. I take my last final on July 31, the same day I turn 40.

I have not decided what will be next as far as my education goes. I will probably take a class at TCC here and there since I do think they have a good Information Technology program. There are some interesting “cloud computing” classes that will be offered in the coming semesters that I will probably take but I am not sure I am going to work towards a 4 year degree. I am fairly certain that I am going take the next semester off even though I do plan to work towards a couple of certs. Starting to prep a bit for the VCAP5-DCD and will try to do the ITIL Foundation that I started preping for here soon.

I will be teaching the VMware IT Academy Install, configure, and Manage class at TCC for the Fall semester that starts on August 23rd. I have been doing a lot of work to get the lab environments built and ready for class. One day I hope to get some time to automate the lab deployments. This will be the first vSphere 5 class that the college has offered and the first one I have taught. The lab has come together nice and it is going to be a great class.

This Wednesday I am presenting a ProfessionalVMware.com vBrownBag on VCAP5-DCA Exam Blueprint Objective 1.2 and 1.3 to complete Objective 1. I presented on Objective 1.1 a few weeks ago. You can register for the vBrownBags here.

Starting next week we will be going through our annual IT security audit and risk assessment. Most of this week will be spent gathering the information the auditors request for that. This is the first audit without my Network Administrator, he moved on to a great position with a network security and forensics company – very happy for him but at the same time it keeps me spread a bit thin, so things will be a bit stressful for sure.

Now I need to go clean out all the pending comment spam on vHersey.com – like I said busy.

Short term there is a light at the end of the tunnel – exams will soon be finished and my vacation is right around the corner. Only 10 days till Ocracoke!

All of this basically to say OCRACOKE OF BUST!

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