VMware PEX Day 2

Well I meant to do a quick post last night but after making a small donation to the Mandalay Bay Casino and some time at the Ri Ra Pub by the time Sandy and I got back to the room I was pretty much done for the night.

VMware PEX day 2 was great! Actually I guess officially it was day 1 of PEX, but it was my 2nd day of enjoying the festivities of all things VMWare 🙂

Took part in the SRM Essentials Boot Camp in the morning. The Boot Camp was pretty good, but it was just about the basics. Still some good information but it was gear towards someone who had not done an implementation or worked with SRM. The session had a lot of great information just not really anything new for me.

The afternoon session was the vCenter Operations Manager Essentials Workshop. I enjoyed this one, mostly because vCOPs is fairly new to me – seen it, looks neat, have not messed with it yet. Lot of great information on installing vCOPs and interpreting the “badges” to determine the health, risks, and efficiency of a virtual or physical environment. This looks like a great product and I am going to do a bit more digging into it. I can definitely see the benefits it will bring to customers.

After the vCOPS session I ran into @TheJasonNash. He had a copy of his TrainSignal vCOPs video and now I have it 🙂

In the afternoon I was able to observe a mock VCDX defense. This was a great experience. Two defending VCDXs gave their presentations and two current VCDXs offered up tips and ask them questions about their design. Very good stuff there. Both of those VCDX hopefuls are defending today, I wish them much luck and I thank them for letting me observe their practice.

The morning general session is getting ready to start so that is all for now.

Have a great day at VMware PEX!

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