Busy, Busy, Busy… but it’s a good thing.

Been a very busy week. Just a lot of stuff going on with work, class, and school. Besides working and teaching the VMware IT Academy classes at TCC I am also taking several classes. With just a few weeks left in this semester things are starting to wrap up, but it is the final push before the finish with papers due and finals before we know it.

Updated the TCC lab environment to 5.0 Update 1 last weekend without issue. I am planning to update my work production environment next week. Update is pretty straight forward. Just update vCenter, update VUM, then use VUM to update the hosts.

Lots of other projects and task keeping me busy at work. Email filter migration tonight, an employee review that I need to wrap up, transitioning to our new lending system, branch equipment refreshes, a VDI proof of concept on the horizon, and a ton of other interesting projects. It’s all good but again it is keeping me pretty busy. I had to take this AM off just to have time to write a quick blog post.

On top of work and school I started browsing through a couple of new books.

I picked up a copy of Cody Bunch’s Automating vSphere: With VMware vCenter Orchestrator. I have not done much with vCenter Orchestrator beyond installing, configuring, and checking out some of the provided workflows. I have only browsed the first few pages of Cody’s book but I am looking forward to reading more and discovering how I may be able to use vCenter Orchestrator to improve the way I manage both the TCC lab environment and my production work environment.

I also received an instructors review copy of the book Administering vSphere 5. Again I have only had a chance to flip through the book but it looks to have some good info in there. Hopefully I will have time in the near future to review it in depth.

Pretty great VMware Troubleshooting class this past Thursday. We covered network troubleshooting focusing on Distributed Virtual Switches and PVLANs. I actually had a student tell me that he had read Scott Lowe’s Mastering VMware vSphere 5 book and I did a much better job explaining PVLANs. Not sure I would agree, Scott’s book is awesome and I recommend it to everyone that takes the class. True or not it was good to hear 🙂

Have to be at a branch for a bit tomorrow to unhook things for carpet installers but after that I am looking forward to at least a few hours of down time. Have a great weekend!

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