PowerCLI Class References and Resources

I am currently teaching the VMware vSphere: Automation with vSphere PowerCLI [V4.x] as part of the VMware IT Academy program offered at Tidewater Community College (TCC).

Here are a few of the online resources that I have referenced in the class:

VMware vSphere: Automation with vSphere PowerCLI [V4.X] course description/outline – http://www.vmware.com/go/vsphereautomation

Download the latest version of VMware PowerCLI and get access to the PowerCLI documentation at http://www.vmware.com/go/PowerCLI

PowerCLI Posters and Reference Cards:

ProfessionalVMware.com BrownBag PowerCLI 101
This BrownBag Video is a great PowerCLI primer.

ProfessionalVMware BrownBag – PowerCLI 101 w/ Glenn Sizemore from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo.

Cmdlet References:

Other great resources:

If anyone has any useful PowerCLI resources please add a comment and I will update the post.

Some PowerCLI Quick Notes

#Connecting to a vSphere Host
connect-VIServer vSphereServerIPorHostname

#Cmdlets are composed of a verb and a noun separated by a –
Get-DeathStar | Get-Target -Type “ExhaustVent” | Where {$_.Size -eq “WompRat”} | Set-Fire -Force:$true
#Above pseudo power shell inspired by Josh at http://www.vtesseract.com/ Check out his site for more great pseudo (and real) CLI

#Common PowerCLI cmdlet verbs:
Get – Retrieves
New – Creates
Set – Sets or Changes
Remove – Destroys

#Common PowerCLI cmdlet nouns:
VMHost – ESXi Host
Datacenter – vSphere Datacenter
Cluster – vSphere HA/DRS Cluster
VM – Guest Virtual Machine

#cmdlet help
Get-Help Get-VM
#Add the -examples parameter to get usage example

#Output passed as an argument to another cmdlet using the “pipe” |
Get-VMHost $VMHost | Get-VMHostNetwork

#Use Where to filter objects and Select to display object properties
Get-VM | Where {$_.Name -like “mercury*”} | Select Name, PowerState, MemoryMB, NumCPU | convertto-html > C:\reports\mercury.html

#Don’t forget to disconnect
Disconnect-VIServer vSphereServerIPorHostname


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