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If you are a regular visitor you may have noticed the Advertise Here spaces that have appeared on the home page and at the top of each post and page on vHersey.com. I hoping to use this advertising space to offset some of the cost associated with hosting, lab gear, etc.

Advertising on vHersey.com is inexpensive and there are 5 spots available. A 125×125 image and link is just $35/month. I am not trying to make money here, just trying to offset costs (and maybe fill up the bike a couple times here and there). I am looking for advertisers that offer products that focus on virtualization and cloud services.

Here are some vHersey.com stats:

  • 450-500 visitors per day
  • 1100-1500 page views per day
  • 30-50 RSS Feed visitors per day
  • 250-300 RSS page views per day
  • Visitor find vHersey.com using terms such as: VCP, home lab, VCAP, esxi console, powercli, autolab, DCUI, along with many others.
  • Just over 900 followers on twitter

Most of the visitors to vHersey.com are looking for information on VMware certifications or ideas on getting there home labs up and running. Some of the most popular post include:

I have a lot of plans for content here at vHersey.com and am committed to at least one new post each week. If you would like to give advertising on vHersey.com a try just click here and use the code FIRST5 to get 50% off the first month. The FIRST5 discount code is only available to the first five advertisers and will expire on May 31, 2014.


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