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VCP5 Study

VCP5 – Study Notes and Resources

On December 5, 2011 I passed the VCP 5 Exam!!! Was a difficult exam and I did a write up on my thoughts/experience here.

So from what I have heard not as much (if any) focus on configuration maximums in the VCP 5 exam – HAPPY DANCE!!! I hate memorizing configuration maximums – if I need them when designing or deploying I’ll look them up.

VMware VCP Resources
VMware Certified Professional (VCP) 5 Exam Blueprint
VMware Communities – VCP Community
VMware VCP 5 Mock Exam – WARNING DO NOT GET A 100% ON THE MOCK EXAM – if you do you will not be able to retake it. I know this to be a fact based on my experience 🙁
VMware vSphere 5 Documentation Center – VMware docs online and searchable – great resource for study and day to day administration.

Online Study Resources
vInfrastructure Blog VCP5 Study Guide Site also offers the study guide in PDF – NICE!
vSphere 5 – What’s New and Relevant for VCP 5 – Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
The Professional VMware Brownbags – Not VCP 5 specific but a ton of great info from a lot of smart folks.

Practice Exams
Simon Long VCP 5 Practice Exams

My Study Notes
Here is a collection of notes that I wrote while reading through VMware docs and other resources. I typed them up and posted them to my Tumblr blog while studying for the VCP5.


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  1. Andrew Mauro

    Thanks for the mention!

    1. vHersey

      Andrew, Thank you for taking the time to provide such an excellent resource.

  2. Simon Greaves

    Thanks for the mention and congratulations on your pass!


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