Passed my EMC ISM (E20-001) Exam

ITN-213, Information Storage Management, is part of the Virtualization Career Studies Certificate Program at TCC. With enrollment in the course you receive a 1/2 price voucher to take the EMC ISM Exam. A few weeks ago I scheduled the exam and started studying. I sat for the exam this past Monday and passed.

I thought the exam was pretty fair. I did not find it to be extremely difficult but I feel I was really well prepared for the exam. Besides the class materials, I studied the Information Storage and Management: Storing, Managing, and Protecting Digital Information book from EMC Education Services from cover to cover. There was not a single question on the exam (at least not on my exam) that was not covered in the book.

My exam consisted of 66 questions and I think I had 90 minutes to complete them. I felt this was plenty of time. I finished in right at 40 minutes. The test is similar to other certification exams I have taken in that it lets you mark questions for review at the end of the test. I think I had marked 9 questions. I went back to them but did not change any answers. I passed the exam with an 87%.

One thing I did like about this exam is that it gave you a break down how you did in each section. Giving you the number of questions from each section, the number you answered correctly, and your percentage score for the section. I scored highest in storage systems (93%) and storage network technologies and virtualization (95%) – no surprise here. I scored lowest in business continuity (78%) and storage security (71%) – again no real surprise there either. I think this is important information especially if you plan to continue to expand your knowledge.

All in all a good exam on some fairly challenging technologies.

More information on the EMC ISA and other EMC certifications can be found here:


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