Need Help!!! XenApp Streaming Profile for EMC ApplicationXtender Desktop 6.5

For the past week or so I have been trying to create a working Citrix XenApp streaming application profile for EMC’s ApplicationXtender Desktop 6.5 Document Manager and the Data Source Selector that goes with it.

The streaming profile is created using a newly cloned Windows XP SP3 VM joined to our domain with the latest and greatest updates applied with Citrix Streaming Profiler Version

When running the New Profile Wizard and installing the application all seems well. I am able to run the Data Source Selector application to set up the data source and then run the Document Manager to test access during profile creation. The new profile is built, saved to a network share, and published as a “Streamed to client” application type from the Delivery Service Console.

When I try running the streamed app I receive this error:

This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix the problem.


An error is also generated in the Windows Application log:

Source: Citrix offline plug-in
Event ID: 4112
Description: Launch of application c:\program files\xtendersolutions\content management\aexdsselector.exe failed. Trying ICA fallback……

No real help in the logs.

I have created and deployed a number of other streaming application profiles that are working without issue, this one just has me stumped. I have been searching for a solution on Google, on the Citrix support forums, and on EMC Powerlink without success.

Being able to deliver this as a streaming app is key piece of a project we are working on. If anyone out there has any help, hints, or ideas they will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance…

3 thoughts on “Need Help!!! XenApp Streaming Profile for EMC ApplicationXtender Desktop 6.5

  • Alex Black

    Hi! I had got the same error in Windows log when tryed to start a “Streamed to client” application.
    Changing type of application to “Streamed to server” was helpful to me.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give it a try and let you know. Any issues with USB redirection when doing this?


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