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Jun 15

AutoLab Video Series Part 5 – Deploying the vMA

This fifth video in my AutoLab Video Series covers downloading, deploying, configuring, and using the vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) virtual appliance in the AutoLab vSphere environment.

Mar 25

Saving Searches with the vSphere Web Client

The ability to search vCenter inventory from the vSphere Client has been available for at least as long as I have been using it but each time you wanted to search for something you had to recreate the query. The Web Client provides the same search functionality adding the ability to also save commonly used searches. This allows for regularly used queries to be recalled quickly using the Web Client.

Oct 29

Create a new Datacenter and Add ESXi Hosts with PowerCLI

This first PowerCLI script creates a new Data Center in vCenter inventory and adds a list of ESXi hosts to the new Data Center. Nothing real fancy here but the script does help speed up adding ESXi hosts to the vCenter inventory.

Apr 01

vSphere Storage Appliance cleanup.bat

I have been doing some home lab work with the vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA). I have had a few request recently from customers with very small environments looking to leverage virtualization and a couple of large environments looking for solutions for branch offices.

Aug 28

vSphere 5.1 Announced!

Lot of great announcements this morning during the VMworld keynote. One of these being the official announcement of vSphere 5.1 and there are already a number of blogs out there posting information on many of the new features and enhancements. Here are just a few of the new features and enhancements I am looking forward …

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Jun 06

vSphere HA Protection: Protected? or Not?

So I set the restart priority of one of my VMs to disabled. HA reconfigured and the VM still showed protected. Hmmmm, shouldn’t show protected anymore, right?

Apr 24

vSphere Auto Deploy – Image Profile and Booting ESXi

The VCAP5-DCA Blueprint has objectives on working with ESXi Image Profiles and configuring VMware Auto Deploy which are both new features that were released with vSphere 5.

Apr 18

oneVirt Viewer Version 1.4.0 Released

oneVirt Viewer is a handy “cross platform” configuration data collection tool for vSphere 4 and 5. It is written in Java and can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Oct 25

vSphere 5 host stops sending syslog messages

I had some maintenance to do on my central syslog server and the server was down for about 30 minutes or so. When the syslog server was back online it was no longer logging syslog messages from my vSphere hosts. First thing I did was check to see if I was receiving syslog messages from …

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Oct 05

Another vSphere 5 Upgrade Gotcha – Syslog

I had my vSphere 4.1 ESXi hosts set up to send logs to a central syslog server. After the upgrade to vSphere 5 this was no longer working. Did some checking and the syslog configurations that were set in 4.1 are gone and had to be reconfigured. In vSphere 5 the remote syslog host is …

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