oneVirt Viewer Version 1.4.0 Released

oneVirt Viewer is a handy “cross platform” FREE configuration data collection and reporting tool for vSphere 4 and 5. It is written in Java and can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux as long as Java virtual machine is installed. Very handy if you are in need of a tool that works on a Linux workstation.

Once collected the configuration data can then be exported to csv or displayed in an HTML report.

The new version was suppose to fix an issue with opening reports on Windows but I am still experiencing it. If a report does not open in your browser it can be found in the programs install directory (c:\Program Files\oneVirt Corp\onevirtviewer-1.4.0 by default) in the reports folder.

The oneVirt Viewer homepage is here and oneVirt Viewer 1.4.0 can be downloaded here. Great tool that is worth taking some time to check out.

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