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May 31

vSphere HA Host Isolation Response in a SimpliVity Design

In this post I am going to look at a few typical SimpliVity deployment topologies and provide a recommendation for the Host Isolation Response setting, along with my reasoning behind the choice.

Apr 06

VCP6-DCV Delta Study – Section 2 – Objective 2.2

This post covers Section 2, Configure and Administer Advanced vSphere Networking, Objective 2.2, Configure Network I/O Control (NIOC) of the VCP6-DCV Delta beta exam.

Feb 06

ESXi Host 3 NIC Connectivity Design

This post was inspired by a cool conversation with @Emad_Younis at VMware PEX about ESXi network design using a limited number of NICs. Emad is working towards his VCDX so we worked through the solution design applying the same design methodology used when creating a VCDX design.

Feb 24

Why not make all seven physical uplinks active? Allocating resources in a virtual environment.

I am teaching a VMware Manage for Performance class at TCC. During this week’s class we had a great discussion (OK there was a little bit of soap box preaching involved also) on resource allocation in a virtual environment. The discussion started from a question that was asked based on the resolution to a network performance lab scenario.