5 thoughts on “Quick SimpliVity Daily Backup Report Powershell Script

  • Rachappa

    Hi Mate,
    First BIG Thanks for all your scripts which you posted, they simply awesome 🙂

    Currently I am using your SVT-DailyBackupReport.ps1 and it gives report of all the VMs for all the backup status but I need report only for new, saving, canceled ,canceling, failed, queued, rebuilding, degraded,deleted .

    and I use below commands to fetch the below report manually in power shell

    svt-backup-show –status new,saving,canceled,canceling,failed,queued,rebuilding,degraded,deleted
    | grep -v “+” | grep -v “\.\-” | cut -d “|” -f3,4,5,7,8,10,11,12,13,14

    can you help me

  • Parukutty Raman

    Hi Mate, I try to run the script by editing the OVCIP , username and password..

    the script is not working.. any help?

    • herseyc

      Are you getting an error? If so, what is it? This script worked up through SimpliVity version 3.6.x. If you are on a version newer than that it may need to be tweaked. I no longer work with SimpliVity so not sure I can offer much help, but if you have the error message I might be able to provide some insight.


  • Hi

    I would like to export the result in a file and send it by email.

    How i can do that please (export in a file which has the date of the day)


  • Hello Hersey!
    I did some modifications to your Script and created a script for calculation of the unique backup sizes.
    hopfully now it takes more than 500 – up to 1000 Backups …
    Rename the scripts to .ps1 and enter OVC_IP, and Vcenter Credentials
    have fun with Simplivity RestAPI, Kletool


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