Updating VCSA to 6.0U2 using the Appliance Management UI

I just finished updating my home lab to 6.0U1b yesterday and VMware has just released 6.0 Update 2 for both vCenter and ESXi (vCenter 6.0 Update 2 Release Notes are here). Figured I would write up how easy it is to update the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) to Update 2 using the Appliance Management UI.

The vCenter Server Appliance Management Interface or VAMI was not included in the original GA release of the 6.0 VCSA. It was re-introduced in one of the early updates to 6.0 and renamed the Appliance Management UI. The Appliance Management UI is accessed via https://IP_Address_of_VCSA:5480/ and allows you to do some common administrative tasks including: network configuration, time configuration, access settings, password management, and VCSA updates/patching.

To update the VCSA access the Appliance Management UI at https://IP_Address_of_VCSA:5480/ and click on the Update link in the Navigator menu. On the top of the Update section there is a Check Updates button and you can select Check URL or Check CDROM. You could download the vCenter 6.0U2 iso and attach it to the VCSA to update from the CDROM. My lab VCSA has Internet Access so I select Check URL.

The Appliance Management UI Updates interface is shown below:

After clicking Check URL the details of the available updates are displayed. Notice a reboot is required to complete the update installation. I then select the Install Updates drop down where I am offered a choice to Install all updates or Install third-party updates. I choose to Install all updates.

The update installation begins, a status Window opens, and I am able to view details of the progress:

After about 14 minutes this message was displayed in the Installing Updates status window:

“5:56:24 PM Packages upgraded successfully, reboot is required to complete installation”

I rebooted the VCSA from the Summary screen in the Appliance Management UI and a few minutes later I could access the updated VCSA with the vSphere Web Client.

After the reboot my VCSA is updated to 6.0U2 and all is well. The version and status is shown on the Appliance Management UI Summary page:

Easy peasy!

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