VMware PowerCLI Function to Modify Virtual Machine Configuration Options

This is a blog post I did on a different blog and I am am migrating most of the VMware/system admin posts here and this is the first.

I was looking for a powershell script to set a few virtual machine security options for a school lab. The configuration keys I need to set are isolation.device.connectable.disable, isolation.device.edit.disable, and RemoteDisplay.maxConnections.

I found a function used to set RemoteDisplay.maxConnections here. By changing the RemoteDisplay.maxConnections it could be used to also change the other options so I modified the function to accept another parameter for the setting you want to add or change.

Here is the function:

Function Set-ExtraOptions{
    $vmConfigSpec = New-Object VMware.Vim.VirtualMachineConfigSpec

    $extra = New-Object VMware.Vim.optionvalue
    $vmConfigSpec.extraconfig += $extra

        $vm = Get-VM $vmName | Get-View

And here is how you call it:

Set-ExtraOptions -vmName VM_NAME -KeyName KEY_NAME -KeyValue KEY_VALUE

To set isolation.device.connectable.disable to FALSE for LabVM-A just call the function like this:

Set-ExtraOptions -vmName “LabVM-A” -KeyName isolation.device.connectable.disable -KeyValue FALSE


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