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Dec 17

Running a Command During ESXi Boot to Start a VM.

The vim-cmd can be used to find and power on a VM from the ESXi command line. A simple line added to local.sh can ensure the VM is powered on when the ESXi host boots.

Sep 28

Creating a Scheduled Tasks to Change VM Resource Settings

Let’s say there is a VM, or a Resource Pool with several VMs, that most of the time just sits idle. Every Sunday an application runs on this VM (or on VMs in the Resource Pool) to do some data analysis and generates reports, the process usually takes 2-4 hours. During this this time you …

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May 23

VMware vSphere Client on the iPad Using Citrix XenApp

I published the vSphere Client using Citrix XenApp to make it available to administrators on any machine they happened to log into on our network.  There have been multiple occasions where I have been at a branch location and needed to access the vSphere client.  Usually I just RDP to my desktop and access it …

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