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Sep 01

VMworld vBrownBag Tech Talk: Managing ESXi SSH Service with PowerCLI

The talk was on using PowerCLI to manage SSH. Specifically about using PowerCLI to report on the status of the SSH Service on ESXi host (is it running, what is the policy set for), updating the policy (Start and Stop with Host, Manual, Automatic), stopping and starting the SSH on ESXi hosts, and configuring the firewall for the SSH service to limit access to the service.

Mar 25

JumpSquares – Launching SSH in Chrome

JumpSquares is a bookmarking tool where you can create “squares” supporting different connections. One issue is the launching of SSH sessions from a hyperlink when using Chrome. This simple script and registry change will allow putty to be launched from a ssh hyperlink.

Aug 01

Access the ESXi Direct Console User Interface (DCUI) over SSH

I don’t think I have ever needed to do this in a production environment, but it is helpful for training/teaching when running virtual ESXi hosts in the lab. First you need to enable and start Remote Tech Support (SSH). This is done for the ESXi Host in Configuration -> Software -> Security Profile Use an …

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