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Jun 17

PowerCLI: Create vCenter Role and Assign User Permissions

With out going too deep, part of a SimpliVity deployment is preparing the VMware environment. Preparing the VMware environment includes creating a Role including the necessary Privileges and setting up the required permissions in vCenter for a SimpliVity user. This is easy enough, but I created a PowerCLI script which creates a Role, applies the required Privileges to the Role, and applies the Role to a user as a permission in vCenter.

Apr 03

VCP6-DV Delta Study – Section 1 – Objective 1.1

This post covers Section 1, Configure and Administer vSphere Security, Objective 1.1, Configure and Administer Role-based Access Control of the VCP6-DV Delta beta exam.

May 30

Manually Adding a User With the Administrator Role to the vCenter VPX_ACCESS Table

During the install the pop up warned me, but I was sure that the Domain Admin group had been configured with Administrator access (it was not). The upgrade finished successfully but it had deleted the local Administrator group which was configured with Administrator access. Oh no!!!