New Addition to the Home Lab and Office

The title may be a little misleading. Sorry no new gear in the home lab. The home lab is running pretty good right now, don’t really have any needs in the lab at this time (there are always wants, but no needs right now).

I have had an aquarium since before I can remember. Back when I was a younger I had 10 and 20 gallon freshwater tanks. For the last 25 years or so I have maintained a 55 gallon freshwater tank. Here is a picture of my 55 gallon tank in our living room.


My job at SimpliVity has me based out of my house and I spend a day or so a week at home in my office working on SimpliVity designs and such. So I decided I wanted an aquarium in my office space. I thought about moving the 55 gallon upstairs into the office, but we (my wife and I) really like it downstairs in the living room.

I thought I might pick up a small 20-40 gallon set up for the office… but I ended up with a finding a fantastic deal on a 65 gallon tank. So… well… it came home with me. Below is the 65 gallon setup before adding plants, decorations, and fish.


Here it is after adding decorations, plants, and fish. I decided to remove the aerator visible in the picture above, was just a little too much. Will likely add a smaller one in the future.


Something I have done different with this tank is I am not using anything “artificial”. The decorations are a couple pieces of driftwood and the plants are all live plants. I have had some live plants in the 55 gallon tank for some time now and have pretty much removed all the plastic plants, but the decorations were all aquarium decorations made of resin. Using real driftwood is not something I have done before. So far I really like it.

In some of my smaller tanks I have had live banana plants and they are favorites – easy to take care of and pretty neat. The roots remain above the substrate and resemble a bunch of bananas. The new tank also has several Amazon Swords, Water Wisteria, Ludwigia, and a few others.


Have a few fish in there right now, with more to come. Right now there are a few Tiger Barbs, a small school of Sapphire Tetras, a few Denison Barbs, and a few Angel Fish. The Angel Fish are definitely my favorite and I have had them in pretty much every tank I have ever had.

Just wanted to introduce you to some of my new friends here in the home office. Enjoy.

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