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Jul 01

vCenter 5.5 Tasks to Excel

I had an inquiry about ways to get information about vCenter tasks other than just through the vSphere Client. Specifically to make it easier to filter through the tasks to determine who did what, or even how many times a specific task (such as cloning a VM) was done.

Jan 03

vCoffee Links #11 – Welcome 2015!!!

2014 was a pretty fantastic year filled with several personal accomplishments. It has been a busy year – I have learned a tremendous amount and I have had some great opportunities to work on some interesting projects with some awesome people. I look forward to what 2015 has in store.

Apr 22

vCenter Server Database Upgrade Hangs

I created a backup of the original vCenter database and it was giant, a little over 15GB. I thought that was odd but for whatever reason I did not really dig into it much (until after the upgrade failed later in the story).

Dec 16

Mass Remove WordPress Comments

OK so I had an issue with some comment spam and ended up with a little over 30,000 comments between my unapproved, spam, and trash in my Wordpress comments – FTW! Would have taken me a week to move them all to trash and then delete them.