Just a collection of links to some system administration tools (mostly free) that I find useful. Primarily so I can find them when I need them but hopefully you will find them useful also.

Know of a great tool that is not listed here? Drop me a note in the comments.

VM Reporting/Administration

Awesome tool to collect, display, and export information about a VMware vSphere environment.

File Transfer

Veeam FastSCP
Secure file transfer.

Another nice secure file transfer/ftp client.

File Utilities

7 Zip
Compression and archive utility.

Remote Connection Utilities

SSH client.

Remote Desktop Connection Manager
RDCMan manages multiple remote desktop connections

Real VNC Viewer

LDAP Browser
Nice tool for browsing and testing LDAP


Advanced text editor.

Great notepad replacement.

Bench Marking

Load Storm
Handy utility for generating CPU and memory load.

HD Speed
Measures both sustained and burst data transfer rates of your hard disks.

Drive Utilities

ISO Recorder
Copy CD/DVD to ISO – Burn ISO to CD/DVD

Win32 Disk Imager
A Windows tool for writing to USB sticks or SD cards.

Virtual Clone Drive
Mounts images as virtual drive.

Online Tools

IP Subnet Calculator
Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing it in your head.

Online file storage and anywhere access.

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