SimpliVity Virtual Networking

Configuring virtual networking in a SimpliVity environment is simple and flexible. There are a few requirements for connectivity to support the SimpliVity Data Virtualization Platform (DVP) but beyond that the virtual/physical networking is configured as it would be in any vSphere environment. This post provides an overview of the requirements of the virtual network to support the SimpliVity DVP along with details on different physical connectivity options to support management and virtual machine traffic.

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SimpliVity 3-2-1 Backups

The SimpliVity Data Virtualization Platform (DVP) provides native data protection including policy based backup, replication, and recovery. The backup policy engine and the backup catalog are part of the SimpliVity DVP. We are able to easily provide a data protection solution which aligns with a traditional and proven 3-2-1 Backup Strategy: 3 copies, 2 independent media sets, and 1 off-site copy.‚Äč

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