VSAN Automated Space Reclamation – Enabling UNMAP/TRIM on VSAN Cluster

Attending some VSAN training this week. Just a quick training tip, if they give you a bunch of pre-req courses prior to a class – don’t worry about completing them – it will all be reviewed – same talk track, same slides, etc. Other than the whole rehashing the pre-req stuff there is some good info. Here is one thing I picked up that I think I may have seen before, but forgot about, and I don’t think it was mentioned in the pre-req material.

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Collect Virtual Disk IOPS with PowerCLI

I was messing around with PowerCLI and the real-time statistics to collect the IOPS used by virtual machines/virtual machine disks in my my home lab. Virtual disk performance counters are available in the real-time performance stats but at the default statistics level, Level 1, with the IOPS statistics are not rolled up into the daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly statistics. I put together a PowerCLI script, collect-iops.ps1, to collect the real-time samples.

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SimpliVity Direct Connect to 10 GbE Switched Migration

In a two node SimpliVity deployment there is no requirement for 10 GbE switching. The SimpliVity nodes are directly connected to provide connectivity for the SimpliVity Data Virtualization Platform (DVP) between nodes. As the environment grows adding addition SimpliVity nodes or compute nodes may be required. This requires 10 GbE switching for SimpliVity Storage traffic between SimpliVity nodes within the same datacenter and/or between SimpliVity nodes and compute nodes.

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