vSphere 6 Datacenter Design Cookbook – Ready for pre-Order!

The second revision of my book, VMware vSphere 6.X Datacenter Design Cookbook, is available for pre-order. If all goes as planned it should start shipping the end of July!

This revision includes the new features available in vSphere 6. The book covers the VMware Design Methodology and will provide a useful resource for Architects and Engineers preparing for the VMware Advance Design Certification.

VMware vSphere 6.X Datacenter Design Cookbook contains recipes for the design and implementation of vSphere technologies to support a virtual datacenter design including discovery of functional and non-functional requirements, forming the conceptual design, creating a logical design, applying the logical design to a physical design, and creating the final design documentation.

Available for pre-order on Amazon at VMware vSphere 6.X Datacenter Design Cookbook.

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