Handy vCenter Topology Script from virtuallyGhetto

Handy little script to generate a topology map (graph) of a vCenter and Platform Services Controller (PSC) deployment from virtuallyGhetto by @lamw.

Spun up a few vCenters and PSC in the lab to give it a try. In the lab there are two vCenter VCSAs each with embedded PSCs, in two different sites (LAB and LAB2), in the same SSO Domain. One site (LAB) has an External PSC.

Here is the graph generated by the script:


The vCenters and PSC were deployed with the IP address as the FQDN. I have not dug into it but I think this is why the vCenter with embedded PSC is not identified. Will do some more testing. Definitely a handy tool to have.

The script, installation, and usage instructions can be found here: Generating vCenter Server & Platform Services Controller deployment topology diagrams

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