VCP6 Foundation Section 3 – vSphere Storage – vBrownBag Slide Deck

First vBrownBag I have presented in a long time (over 2 years – I did not think it had been that long). I think it went pretty well. At least all the lab demos worked. Thanks out to Jonathan, @jfrappier, for hosting and thanks to everyone who listened.

Good luck to everyone preparing for their VCP6 Foundation or VCP6 DCV Exams!

As promised here is the slide deck from tonight.

vBrownBag May 20, 2015 – vSphere 6 Foundation – Section 3 – Storage – Slide Deck

If you are just looking for the links from the presentation, here they are:

VCP6 Community Resources and Study Guides:

VCP6 Foundation Exam Blueprint Resources:

Other Great Resources:

Again it has been awhile, but I had fun. Hope everyone enjoyed it. See you next time.

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