vCoffee Links #10 – Long time coming…

Since VMworld 2014 I have been busy, busy, busy… not a bad thing have just let a few things slip, specifically posting stuff. Have had a lot going on and been doing some pretty interesting things over the past few weeks and my calendar is full for the next few weeks to come. First though some welcome PTO next week during which my wife and I will be taking our annual trip down to Daytona Beach for Biketoberfest 2014. Really, really, really (did I mention really) looking forward to the ride and enjoying some downtime.

Now go grab a cup of coffee, check out this awesome video of Jasmine Cain (who I am looking forward to seeing at Biketoberfest)

and enjoy the links…

vCoffee Links is a regular feature on vCoffee Links features news and links of interest from the past week or so. If you have something interesting to add please submit it in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @herseyc.

To all the VCDX Candidates defending their designs this week – GOOD LUCK!

The next Hampton Roads VMUG is scheduled for October 22, 2014. More details coming soon so be sure to check the Hampton Roads VMUG Work Space to keep up to date.

VMware Security Advisory covering products affected by ShellShock and patches to apply. VMware product updates address critical Bash security vulnerabilities

Haven’t finished it yet, but Ten Strategies of a World-Class Cybersecurity Operations Center is an interesting read so far.

MUST READ -> On Being a Mentor and Being Mentored

Pros and cons of storage snapshots as a data protection solution by @dellock6. When your array vendor is telling you that their snapshots eliminate the need for backups, it is important to understand what you might be getting into. Nice Defense in Depth approach, array snapshots provide a layer of protection but they may not (more likely do not) eliminate the need for backups.

If you are looking into the VCP-NV (Network Virtualization) @pmcsharry over at Elastic Sky has put together some good study resources for VCP-NV including some practice tests.

@vcdx133 has a very nice NSX Link-O-Rama with a ton of NSX resources.

@DuncanYB explains some new cool tech with his post Project Fargo aka VMFork – What is it?

Great post by @ChrisWahl on Applying New IP Addresses to vCenter, ESXi Hosts, and Plugins. Useful info.

The Future of VCDX @ccolotti has taken on the role of VCDX Evangelist for VMware. Looking forward to what the future holds for the VCDX program. Also enjoyed his post on Conquering Your Fear Of The VCDX Panelists, if you are preparing to defend read this, good insight.

Interesting thoughts on the future of VCDX from @vcdx133 The Next Elite Architecture Certification

Edit Virtual Hardware 10 VMs using vSphere 5.5 Update 2 C# Client by @lamw

Just a quick shout out to @k00laidIT who I met at VMworld. Been enjoying his tweets from #VeeamON

Good read from @harsha_hosur CISCO NEXUS 1000V OR VMWARE DVSWITCH. “Network Support team needs to have absolute control over everything networking related.” Funny he mentioned that, I know of at least two shops moving away from the 1000v for this very reason.

That is it for now. Enjoy your coffee and have a great rest of the week. See you when we get back!

Have anything interesting to add? Post a comment below or hit me up on twitter @herseyc.

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