VMware PEX vExpert and VCDX Reception

Last night was the VMware PEX vExpert and VCDX Reception. It was held at this cool little Irish place in the Mandalay Bay shops the Rí Rá Irish Pub. Very neat place, have actually stopped in there for a drink a couple times on this trip. They carry Kaliber which is an NA beer from Guinness and probably one of the best NA beers out there.

The reception was fun and it was awesome to meet a few folks that I only know by twitter handle. Good to see @Bacon_Is_King, @sixfootdad, @networkingnerd, and @jasemccarty If you are not all ready you should follow these guys, great folks.

Also ran in to @timantz and @kennega at the party. Both of these guys did their VCDX defense earlier in the day. It was great chatting with them about the experience.

Here are a couple few (not so great) pics from the reception.
See it’s not just me. @Bacon_Is_King and @sixfootdad tweeting.

@Bacon_Is_King, @sixfootdad, and @networkingnerd

@kennega why so serious.

Hey it’s @timantz and that is @jasemccarty in the foreground.

Hey look. It’s me!

Had a great time and it was great to be able to put a face to a twitter handle.

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