Cool New Toy – Zalman VE-300

Check out this handy little USB external harddrive enclosure, the Zalman VE-300.


The Zalman VE-300 can be mounted as a USB Harddrive and any ISO stored in the _iso directory on the drive can be directly mounted as an optical device.


Recently used the Zalman to do a new ESXi 5.1 install and it worked great. Just connect it up, select the ESXi 5.1 ISO, boot from CD-ROM device, and away it goes.

The enclosure itself can be had for around $50. The enclosure comes with a case, a screw driver, and a USB cable; just add a 2.5″ hard drive of whatever size you desire and you have a handy portable data CD/DVD library. I picked mine up from and added a 500GB drive.

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