Really, you are using…

…DPM, PVLANs, Datastore Clusters, Storage DRS, in your production VMware environment? When talking to folks I often get asked about these different VMware technologies and for some reason the fact that we are using these in a production environment seems to really amaze people. Even talked to a VMware sales person the other day that was like “Wow, you are really using that?”

The real question that needs to be answered here is…
How come you are not leveraging these technologies in your production environments?

I realize there may be operational policies, specific needs, or technical reasons you may not need (or want) to implement something and I don’t think you should implement a technology just for the sake of implementing it. Not every environment has a need to use PVLANs but if the technology provides a benefit why would you not want to use it.

All of the technologies mentioned above are proven, are supported, and are worth checking out to determine if your environment (or business) will benefit from using them.

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